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Here is where I play with words, turn them inside out upside down to see if they reveal more. Some definitely make more sense than others which are far more obscure.

Not all of these are my discoveries, some are common, others came from friends.

The ones in bold are more or less finished i.e. understandable, the plain ones I am still looking into.

Ad-Diction Diction= 1. Choice and use of words 2. enunciation

Advice – Ad Vice

Alright – All Right – I’ll be alright when I’m all-right.

Assume – When you assume you make an Ass out of U and Me

Behave – be-have

Behaviours be-have-ours

cele-brate celebrity celebate celibacy

Consultancy – Consult and C or Consult and C Y

Community – Come-unity

Crucifixion – Cross of fiction

Damage – Damn-age

Deceit – Do You See (C) It

Dependance – Deepen the Dance

Depressed – De-pressed One of your buttons has been pressed, pushed

Dismiss – Just Miss

Enemy – Any-me

evil – veil – live

Expectancy – Expect & C or Expect & C Y

Ex-pose Ex-posed

Extraordinary – Extra Ordinary

Garb-age – Is the clothing of the day

Gratefulness – great fullness

Gratitude – Great Atitude

God U & I Dance

Holiday – Holy-day

Hysterectomy Hysteria-recked-me

Ignorant, Ignorance

In-divi-duality – undivided

Information – in-formation

Innocence – in no sense

Intense in-tense

Inti-mate -A very close mate

Invalid – In Valid

Justice – Just us, Just-is

Know-ledge – we all know the ledge, some way more intimately than others.

Liable – Lie Able

Listening – Listen-in

Miracle – Mirror

Medical – Medi-kill

Medicine – Medi-sign

MIND – Dim, Din, ID, I’m In

Nonsense – non-sense

Nourish – Now-rich

Nowhere – Now-here


Presents, presence

Re-fuse – Rejoin, refuse our junk our responsibility, short fuse


Re-veal veil

Suppression, Separation

Surrendering To – Surrender 2



I can’t lose – Lose I can’t

Don’t worry be happy – Worry don’t, happy be!


Holy War

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