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Cheap Shredder Oil

Need to oil your shredder but are appauled at the prices for “original/branded” shredder oil. I’ll try unravel some of the marketing bullshit around what it is and what you can use as a cheap alternative.

Separating the marketing & bullshit from reality.

The website in a blog post titles Do NOT use these Oils for your Paper Shredder, states that you should not use “Olive, vegetable, & canola oil”, as they may gum up your machine and later the author goes on to claim that the “Top 3 Best Oils for Paper Shredders”, her number 1 pick is “Fellowes POWERSHRED Shredder Lubricant”.

But when you take a look at the MSDS for Fellowes Shredder Oil you find it is, drummroll, Canola Base Lubricating Oil with a Viscosity SUS at 100F of 190 which equates to roughly ISO VG 46.

CAS Number 120962-03-0 is Canola Oil

Viscosity Grading Systems

Huh! you say. This dictates how thick or thin the oil is and hence how well it runs and potentially penetrates. There is a great chart here.

Sabolt Universal Seconds (SUS) The ISO (International Standards Organization) viscosity grade system uses numbers ranging from 2 to 1500 to classify industrial liquid lubricants.

Shredmaster Shredder Oil is a synthetic oil.

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets

Doing a search in Google for MSDS Shredder Oil will list a bunch of oils and what they contain.

CAS no.EC / List no.Description
64742-54-7265-157-1Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy paraffinic
120962-03-0601-748-6Canola Oil
68515–33–3271-074-1Benzene, mono-C10-12-alkyl derivs., fractionation
bottoms, heavy ends
9003-29-6Copolymer isobutylene/ butene

ANTI-WEAR ISO32 Hydraulic Oil

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