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WHO – World Health Organization, a lie sold as truth

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Anyone remember voting for the WHO to take control of our lives? No! Me neither.

I would suggest that they are not to be trusted or put more accurately, they can be trusted to be completely self-serving.

The self-appointed “World” health organization belongs to the cult of hierarchy. They function on the logic that they know better than you what is good for you. The only issue is that when that translates into reality it is a shit-show. Take a look at the total mess they made of the COVID 19 plandemic.
Although if you look again from another angle you can see that for the WHO the plandemic was a wild success.

Unfortunately the WHO are not interested in your wellbeing but their own. Simply put, if they did what they say they will or if their intentions are true they would make themselves redundant and that is as unlikely as father christmas coming down your chimney.

One of the primary issues is that they think that they are right & righteous. I would go as far as to say that they are so blinded by their own posturing that they think that because they think it, it is.


In their Global report on psoriasis, they state that “Psoriasis, which can involve the skin, nails and joints, is a chronic, painful, disfiguring and disabling noncommunicable disease (NCD) for which there is no cure.” Surely if they don’t know of a cure there cannot be one!? They don’t even have the integrity to state something along the lines of “we of no known cure”.

It is from these kinds of statement that you can see more of their agenda and how they view themselves.

It seems like from this statement they think that disease is the norm and that health is a rare thing that I’m pretty sure they will try sell you in some form.

By the way there is a cure, this is a very small study granted but 100% effectiveness in long-term patients where traditional treatments have failed.

Treat Cause

The only real treatment is treatment of cause. Treating symptoms is ignorance sold as intelligence. A “cure” is in fact not necessary if you can discover what causes the issue. Remove the cause and the issue is resolved.

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