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Delusion, Deception

Marketing is the art of convincing you that something is true/real when the reality is often very very different.

I recently received this mail from Woolworths making out as if they are the ones supplying the 66,000 meals. But in the real world it is actually you and I, the customers of Woolworths that paid.

Ok, who cares you may say, or I’m just being pedantic. But the truth is companies are not actually our friends no matter how much they make out to be such. Any programs such as these are marketing ploys to make people feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ or more likely just fuzzy.

It is my contention that charging the people less i.e. cutting out the additional charges to do this form of marketing would have a greater benefit to more people.

Food too expensive because of marketing, means more people can’t afford it.

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