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HP “Lighter than air”, that’s some heavy bullshit

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If you weren’t already aware the HP Elite Dragonfly apparently is “Lighter than air.”.

Not sure if HP have invented their own air. or if they think that things that fly have to be “Lighter than air.”?

By the way, see if you can find the “actual” weight in the ad and then see clause 15

Some Dense Shit

Air has a weight of approximately 1.225kg’s/m3 (kilograms per metre cubed) aka it’s density.

HP are very “Dense” if they think their laptop is actually “Lighter than air.” But maybe they know something I don’t about how gullible modern society has become and how tolerant of being fed crap like this.



  • Marketing wanketeers alternate reality



  • Density – of a substance is its mass per unit volume
  • Dense – heavy in relation to its size or stupid

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