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Home » Replacing Gaggia New Baby 06 Steam Wand with a Rancilio Silvia Wand

Replacing Gaggia New Baby 06 Steam Wand with a Rancilio Silvia Wand

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

If you know how to use a screwdriver and can follow instructions, you are good to go.

You’ll need a Rancilio Steam wand, in South Africa these are available from Parts Hub
I bought the following in March 2019, all ex VAT – I’d suggest getting the o-ring as well for the top of the wand.

  • 1528501 SCREW S/STEEL M5x12 1.00 EACH R4.00
  • 1081021 SHOWER 55mm GAGGIA 1.00 EACH R40.00
  • 1186723 GASKET GROUPHEAD 73x57x8.5mm 1.00 EACH R25.00
  • 1449141 STEAMWAND COMPLETE 6mm SILVIA 1.00 EACH R225.00

  1. Unplug the machine and remove the water reservoir
  2. Unscrew, the 2 screws under the water tank closest to the body of the machine and the 2 near the grouphead and finally the one under the steam switch
  3. Remove the old wand by putting in a small screwdriver and prising it towards the wand
  4. Remove and replace the o-ring if you bought it
  5. You’ll need to remove the rubber, nozzle tip and nut from the Silvia wand to be able to get the clip you removed in 3. onto the Silvia wand – some dishwashing liquid helps with the rubber
  6. You’ll need a fair amount of force to push the clip back in place
  7. Put the cover back on, replace the reservoir, power on, prime the pump and run the steam. Watch for leaks at the nozzle tip, you might need to tighten.

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