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ANC – moving South Africa forward

I’ll flesh this out as time goes on and we move forward a whole bunch more …

Since 1994 the ANC has been moving South Africa forward, unfortunately no one asked, forward to where? I mean how does a political party that has not only failed the South African public but dug us into a debt hole future generations will have the burden of carrying.

If there was a prize for corruption, that is about all I can see they are good at.


Moving forward to inflated electricity costs and diminished supply. There is a joke that goes, “What did Zimbabwe have before candles? Electricity!” – at the moment we could say something similar, “What did South Africa have before Eskom? Electricity!”


Flying like a stone


Trains are a huge part of moving people and goods in countries like India. In South Africa we can’t seem to buy the right ones to fit the railway lines and tunnels.


Moving forward to ever increased numbers sitting at home or under bridges waiting for a handout.

Traffic Department

The only way to get a license in the near future might bribery.


Moving us forward to an ever expanding network of potholes.


Forward to ever decreasing standards and passmarks.

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